Will you choose to go for two?

To help give NFL ALL DAY fans an understanding of the future and how you’ll be able to burn Moments to unlock rewards, we’ll be holding a “Go For Two” Challenge starting today and running through this Friday, Sept. 9, 11:59 PM ET.

Here’s how it works:

First, we’ll airdrop “Celebration” packs, featuring 3 Common Moments each, to all fans who owned at least 7 Moments as of our recent snapshot at 4:10 PM ET on Tues., Sept. 6. (One pack per person; Team NFTs and the Seasonal NFT are not Moments and do not count towards the 7 needed) Don't worry if you don't have your pack yet: distribution of packs to all 52,393 collectors who qualified for the airdrop may last into Thursday morning. The name of these packs will be called "Celebration (Series 1, Release 2)."

After you check out which Moments you get, you’ll have the chance to go for two: you can burn the contents of your pack and get airdropped a new “4th And Goal” Reward pack featuring 4 Moments (three Commons, plus a fourth Moment that is either Common, Rare or Legendary).

That’s right: Fans will get to rip a pack of Common Moments, see what they get, then decide whether they want to burn the Moments for a chance at a new Reward pack that could contain a Rare or Legendary Moment.

We hope this Challenge helps introduce our burning tool and get fans used to some of what’s coming on NFL ALL DAY, as we roll out more burning activations.

New to NFL ALL DAY and want help understanding some of the basics? We've got you! Check out our "Training Camp" series with Chad Johnson for a fun walk-through, PLUS make sure to join our Discord, where our amazing Community team is available to answer questions and help you get a feel for this new age of fandom.


How are rewards packs being distributed?

The first round of packs will be distributed to all collectors with at least 7 Moment NFTs (this does not include the Seasonal Collectible or NFL Team NFTs – those are not Moments).

On Tuesday, Sept. 6, at 4:10 PM ET, we took a snapshot of all user accounts. Anyone who held 7 or more Moments will be eligible to receive a Celebration pack.

After you receive your initial pack, you will have to review your Moments and decide if you want to burn the Moments to receive the “4th And Goal” pack. If you burn them by 11:59 PM ET on Fri., Sept. 9, you'll receive your new 4th and Goal pack by 11:59 PM ET on Sept. 12.

What does it mean to burn Moments?

Burning a Moment permanently removes it from circulation – it’s a blockchain transaction that cannot be reversed. Once a Moment is burned, no one can ever buy, sell or own it again.

Why burn my Moments?

In this Challenge, choosing to burn your 3 Common Moments from the “Celebration” pack will allow you to rip another fresh pack, our 4th And Goal pack featuring many of the most exciting Moments from Series 1 – including a chance to pull a Rare or Legendary Moment.

Will all Celebration Packs in the airdrop have the option to be burned?

Yes, all "Celebration" packs airdropped as part of this Challenge (name will be "Celebration (Series 1, Release 2)") will have the option to be burned.

Previously airdropped "Celebration" packs (from earlier this summer) are NOT eligible to be burned. The 4th And Goal packs that you receive as a result of burning the first pack will not come with the option for burning.

How long will I have to decide whether to burn my Moments?

You’ll have to decide whether to burn your Moments by Friday, Sept. 9, at 11:59 PM ET. The option to burn will only be available through the pack-opening experience. If you choose not to burn on your first time reviewing the pack contents, that’s fine – you’ll be able to replay the pack-opening and have the option presented to you again. It will only be successful if you have not yet sold any of your Moments from the pack.

What will be in the pack that is eligible to be burned?

Every eligible collector will get one Celebration pack featuring three Common Moments, all pulling from Weeks 13-18 of the 2021 NFL season (among Moment editions that have already been released).

Your pack could include an ALL DAY Debut from a top star like Josh Allen, Ja’Marr Chase, Joe Burrow, Justin Jefferson, Saquon Barkley and Stefon Diggs

If you like the Moments you pull from your pack, you can keep them! You don’t have to burn them and try your luck at the second pack: burning will always be your decision to make.

If I choose to burn for the second pack, what will be in that one?

Burn your original airdrop pack, and you’ll get a “4th And Goal” pack marking your last chance to score epic Series 1 Moments in a pack before NFL Kickoff.

These packs are stuffed with top highlights from Series 1 to help you get your collection ready for the upcoming season, including:

  • Legendary-tier Moments from Joe Mixon, Javonte Williams and more - including one of the game’s greatest legends
  • ALL DAY Debut Moments (first ones ever minted for a player) from many of the league’s biggest stars: top QBs like Josh Allen, Joe Burrow and Russell Wilson and electric playmakers like Deebo Samuel, Justin Jefferson and Stefon Diggs
  • First career touchdowns from some of 2021’s top rookies, like Mac Jones, Jaylen Waddle, Kyle Pitts, DeVonta Smith, and Najee Harris 
  • Memorable Moments like Dak Prescott breaking the Cowboys season record for TD passes and T.J. Watt tying the NFL single-season sack record

All the above are from already-released Moment editions, but we’ll also be including a few new exciting editions in these packs:

  • Common Moments from James Conner, Aaron Rodgers, Damien Harris, the Los Angeles Rams and the Buffalo Bills
  • Rare Moments from Baker Mayfield, Matthew Judon, Kevin Byard, Carson Wentz and Rasheem Green
  • Legendary Moments from Trevon Diggs, Kyler Murray, Patrick Surtain II

These will be the final Moments minted as part of Series 1, only available through these packs and future Challenge rewards. More details to come next week.

Click here for a full list of Moment editions that could be included in "4th And Goal" packs. (The mint counts are total counts for these editions; many have already been released, but the mint counts are meant to give you an insight into the editions; how many Moments from each edition end up stuffed in "4th And Goal" packs will also depend on how many fans decide to burn their Celebration packs)

Will burning this pack help count towards unlocking Premium Rewards in the Week 1 Playbook?

Yes, if you burn the Moments from this pack (by clicking "next" after the pack opening), those 3 Moments will count towards your Playbook requirement (for Week 1, fans must burn 5 Moments to unlock Premium Rewards).

However, burning the 3 Celebration pack Moments through the Playbook burn tool will NOT count towards earning you your 4th and Goal pack. In order to qualify for the "4th And Goal" pack, you'll need to burn the Celebration pack contents through the flow presented to you in the pack-opening experience.

UPDATE SEPT. 7, 9:30 PM ET: Updated to reflect correct list of players included in the 4th And Goal packs, as well as the name of the Celebration pack being airdropped.