The playoffs are the most thrilling time of year in the NFL.

With win-or-go-home battles every week featuring the best teams in the league, the postseason is when stars are made, legacies are defined and Moments are remembered forever.

This year, as the players battle it out on the field for the chance to play for the title, you can chart your own Road To Super Bowl LVII on NFL ALL DAY.

Between new Playbooks launching Wed., Jan 11, and an exciting Playoff Push pack drop beginning Thurs., Jan. 12, get ready to:

  • Vie for incredible prizes like Super Bowl tickets by purchasing packs and competing in our playoff-long Playbook Leaderboard

  • Score incredible 1-of-1 Genesis Moments from 10 major stars, including some of the game's greatest icons - these are the first Moments ever minted on the blockchain for each player, created during the 2021 season and not released until now

  • Pull all-new Dynamic Moments that showcase the story of each playoff team’s season and evolve based on their postseason run

  • Interact in a new way with some of the game’s biggest names throughout the postseason and lead-up to Super Bowl LVII

WIN INCREDIBLE PRIZES through our pack sweepstakes and Playbook Leaderboard

This year, the players aren’t the only ones vying to be at the Super Bowl.

By participating on NFL ALL DAY throughout the postseason, you could be there, too.

Every pack you buy throughout the month of January will enter you for a chance to win tickets to Super Bowl LVII - as well as other prizes like signed merch from Patrick Mahomes II.

And, if you don’t want to leave it up to chance… you can put your collection and your football knowledge to the test with our multi-week Playbook Leaderboards (starting tomorrow, Jan. 11), which feature prizes like:

  • Super Bowl LVII tickets (and tickets to games next season)
  • NFL Shop gift cards, NFL jerseys, and brand-new NFL ALL DAY gear
  • Signed merch from Patrick Mahomes and Chad Johnson
  • Ultimate-, Legendary- and Rare-tier Moments from this year’s postseason

Click here for more info on what's in store with Playbook coming up.

PLAYOFF PUSH PACK DROP - Featuring all-new limited-edition collectibles!

We’re always looking to level up your collecting experience, and with our Playoff Push drop this week, we’re giving fans the opportunity to get their hands on new forms of rare collectibles showcasing the NFL’s biggest stars and top teams.

Not only does the drop feature an assortment of electric Moments from the regular season, you also have a chance to score exciting new forms of collectibles:

  • 1-of-1 Genesis Moments from 10 major stars, including some of the game's greatest icons - minted during the 2021 season but never released until now (click here for more)
  • Brand-new Dynamic Moments for each of the 14 playoff teams, featuring season-long highlight reels that will evolve to include postseason action

You can reserve 10-Moment Premium and Standard packs starting this Thurs., Jan. 12, through Fri., Jan. 13 - and our 3-Moment Hot Route packs will be on sale starting Fri., Jan. 13 throughout the month of January.

Click here for more details on our Playoff Push drop and the exciting collectibles you could pull!

Ever wanted a direct line to your favorite NFL stars?

NFL ALL DAY is all about bringing you closer to the game you love.

This postseason, in the lead-up to various games, we’ll be hosting virtual tailgate events featuring Q&As with some of the biggest stars of the past 20 years, Larry Fitzgerald and Tony Gonzalez.

Own their Moments, and you could get a special shoutout from Larry or Tony.

As we approach the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl LVII, we’ll have more to share about how fans can connect with some of their favorite players. 


Note on Super Bowl tickets:

We will not provide travel and hospitality for this experience. Winners must comply with all local and event-based COVID guidelines. Identity verification required. Users that are selected to win, but are unable to accept the Prize, for any reason including the inability to meet event, venue, or travel requirements (e.g. COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements), will be provided one (1) Standard Pack from our Reserves. Dapper Labs, in its sole discretion, will select the type of Pack that will be provided.