Read about both our AFC and NFC drops here.

With an incredible Cowboys-Eagles matchup set for Sunday night this week...

We're giving fans a chance to snag the NFC's best.

Packs featuring Rare and Legendary dynamic collectibles from NFC stars and rookies will be available for pre-order from Thurs., Dec. 7 through Mon. Dec. 11.

Each one is a chance to get Rare and Legendary official NFL digital collectibles from:

  • MVP candidates like Hurts, Purdy, McCaffrey and Prescott
  • Top-tier rookies like Bijan, Gibbs, Addison and Carter

Click here to explore some of the incredible collectibles you could pull! Tap into a Moment to see the amazing plays featured.



  • At least 2 dynamic Moments (Rare or better), with either a rookie or top QB/RB/WR* guaranteed!
  • 5% chance at a Legendary dynamic Moment
  • Open to all fans - pre-order Dec. 7-11 (1,000 packs available)
  • See detailed contents here


  • 1 Legendary dynamic Moment with 10% chance at 2
  • 4 Rare dynamic Moments - including 1 rookie and 1 top QB/RB/WR* guaranteed!
  • Special access only: 175 packs total - At least 110 packs will be available in a pre-order open to fans who own a Legendary dynamic Moment (as of 4 PM ET on Dec. 6); 65 fans who own a full Series 1 or 2 Legendary set (as of 4 PM ET on Dec. 6) will receive exclusive guaranteed purchase links
  • See detailed contents here

*Based on top-10 NFC players in passing, rushing and receiving yards, respectively. See list below.


The first-ever team packs for the 12 teams not yet released will also be available Sunday and Monday, with waiting rooms starting one hour before each team's game time. Click here for more.

Fans can get packs in two ways: by ordering them in our limited sale from Thurs.-Mon. or burning Moments from your collection to earn packs starting Sunday at 8:20 PM ET (the start of the Cowboys-Eagles Sunday night game).


Packs will be available through a pre-order system from Thursday through Monday - if more fans request packs than packs available, there will be a random drawing to determine which fans get packs. Any fans who do not get packs will be refunded.

The Premium packs will be open to all fans, while the Legendary packs will only be open to fans who held at least 1 Legendary dynamic Moment as of 4 PM ET on Wed., Dec. 6.

At least 110 Legendary packs will be available in the pre-order, with the other 65 reserved for exclusive guaranteed purchase links sent to collectors who own full Series 1 or 2 Legendary sets (as of 4 PM ET on Wed., Dec. 6). Any packs not purchased through these links will be made available in the Legendary pre-order.


A portion of Legendary and Premium packs will be available through a Burn Playbook to be released at the start of Sunday Night’s Cowboys-Eagles game (8:20 PM ET).

Burn Playbooks allow you to swap out old Moments from your collection to earn rewards - like packs! Stay tuned Sunday to see what you'll need!


This release incorporates some of the learnings from early-season dynamic drops that we mentioned in our recent mailbag.

  • INCORPORATING UTILITY FOR PREVIOUS MOMENTS: As mentioned above, a portion of packs will be available through a Burn Playbook - where you'll be able to swap out old Moments from your collection for a shot at the fresh packs.
  • FULLER DISTRIBUTION: With a limited number of packs created, we’re maintaining our promise for a slow release of the Moments from players curated in early-season drops, but we’re eager to see exciting marketplace action and strategy down the stretch as collectors can proceed with more confidence given the fuller distribution of dynamic Moments. We've already seen some of this energy with the dynamic Moments released in our midseason drop.