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Are you ready for some football?

This season on NFL ALL DAY, we’re playing host to an exhilarating journey that will redefine your connection to the game.

Showcase your love for your favorite team, capture your most cherished football memories and collect the game’s most electric playmakers in a way that suits their breathtaking style.

  • SHARE IN THE GLORY of your favorite players’ triumphs with dynamic Moments, which evolve based on player performance

  • FEEL LIKE YOU’RE IN THE FRONT ROW with new immersive in-stadium audio featured on every collectible

  • SHOW YOUR PRIDE easily with a fresh team-based collecting experience, that makes sorting, progressing and flexing your collection smoother than ever
  • GET IN THE GAME with our new suite of upgradeable Common-tier collectibles, designed as a fun early collecting experience for the next wave of NFL fans

This season, more than ever, there’s something for every type of fan on NFL ALL DAY.

We’ve developed a richer suite of collectibles than in previous series, from entry-level items built for a fun first experience to super-premium grails that evolve throughout the season.

COMMONS: The fun of collecting, trading and upgrading for all fans

Entry-level collectibles representing the game’s stars. No serial numbers. No pre-set mint counts. Stock up on as many as you want, then combine them to achieve rarer colorways.

UNCOMMONS: Key football memories in limited-edition form

Coveted keepsakes with mint counts of just 1,500. Each one will commemorate in detail a breathtaking single play or single-game performance from the season.

RARES: Scarce collector’s items in multiple presentations

With each collectible minted to just 300, the Rare tier is home to the first rung of dynamic Moments, which evolve to feature season reels for the top stars and rookies - as well as top-notch single-play and single-game Moments.

LEGENDARIES: Premier tier primarily consisting of evolving collectibles

Only 30 fans can own each Legendary Moment - the bulk of Legendaries for the season will be dynamic Moments, which evolve over time to capture NFL stars’ top season highlights. And if a player receives a dynamic Moment, it will be their only Legendary for the entire regular season.

Below you’ll find the MAXIMUM number of collectibles released per player for the regular season at each tier.

As outlined above, the more accessible Common tier will feature five different colorways created for the top players from each team. With no pre-set mint counts or displayed serial numbers, they will be created and released based on demand from collectors.

The new rules mean the game's biggest stars are featured in much greater scarcity at the highest tiers. Superstars like Jefferson, McCaffrey, Herbert, Jackson, Brown and Diggs who had 79 or more Legendary-tier collectibles from the 2022 regular season will only have 30 this year.

This season, NFL ALL DAY is about more than collecting. It’s about believing in your favorite players and attaching yourself to their journey through the season.

With dynamic player Moments, you can share in the glory of your favorite star’s MVP year or breakout campaign.

As they win games and hit statistical milestones, their collectibles will earn evolution points and transform to feature the newest, most electric highlights.

In your collection and on the marketplace, you’ll be able to easily see evolution progress on each collectible - how many highlights it features and how close it is to getting another.

Think a player might have a standout game and earn a new highlight? Go scoop up his dynamic Moments on the marketplace and revel in his big day.

Evolution points will be assessed quickly in the aftermath of each game and you’ll be able to see that you’re due to receive a new highlight. The new plays - chosen by our curation team - will then be added to the collectibles by the following Friday.

NOTE: Based on the evolution rules, Legendary dynamic Moments will have all the same plays as the Rare for the same player, plus more.

We know there’s a huge mass of NFL fans out there who’ve yet to experience the joys of digital collecting, and our approach to entry-level collectibles for 2023 is built with them in mind.

Our plan for Commons on NFL ALL DAY this season is engineered to:

  • Create more equal opportunities for collecting across the 32 teams
  • Allow for a more fun, interactive introduction to NFL ALL DAY
  • Continue to smoothly match supply to demand

Top players from each team will be featured in an array of color-coded collectibles, without serial numbers or pre-set mint counts. You’ll find them in packs throughout the season, including in on-demand team packs that let new fans quickly pull their favorite stars.

Once you get a few in your collection, you can combine three at a time to get a collectible from a rarer colorway.

These new-look Commons help crystallize the scarcity of our other collectible tiers while still allowing us to build an engaging early collecting experience for new fans.

With the structure of the Common tier changing to suit a fresh wave of NFL fans and our Rare tier becoming more scarce and special - mint counts of just 300 - we’re introducing a new Uncommon tier to bridge the gap.

Uncommons will feature constrained mint counts of just 1,500 that make them delightful pack hits, while still remaining accessible enough to serve as a stepping stone for new fans into deeper collecting.

It’s a decision that frees us up to make Commons suit a wide audience while simultaneously making Rares more coveted and collectible than ever before.

That’s right. As we announced this week, this season’s collectibles will be more captivating, re-watchable and goosebump-inducing than ever.

From the QB’s snap count to the deafening roar of the crowd, immersive in-stadium audio will take the collecting experience to the next level and help capture the intensity and emotion of the NFL game.

It may be a new season, but fans will still have plenty of opportunity to revel in their impressive collections from the first two years of NFL ALL DAY.

The first two batches of contemporary collectibles ever released on NFL ALL DAY, Series 1 and Series 2 are entrenched forever in the history of this new collecting era.

And throughout the 2023 season, Series 1 and Series 2 Moments will be:

  • Required to earn special access to certain pack drops
  • Usable in various Playbooks throughout the new season
  • Featured prominently as high-end collectibles on the NFL ALL DAY website

From the hard-nosed heroics of Make the Stop to the daring downfield forays of Launch Codes, we know sets on NFL ALL DAY are part of what make collecting so fun - and you'll see a few of these sets appearing again this year.

Comprised of Moments with similar themes - like line play or impressive shows of speed - sets are a way to help define your fan identity.

And they’re here to stay in 2023. With the Dynamic set leading the year, we’ll have more thematic releases of single-play and single-game Moments throughout the year, often in set-based groupings that let you express your fan identity. More info to come in the future.

With our all-new dynamic player Moments and fresh suite of upgradeable Commons, we’ve taken the interactivity of our collectibles to a new level this season.

But everyone’s favorite way to play NFL ALL DAY isn’t going anywhere.

The beloved Playbook game mode will be a major part of the 2023 season, giving you the opportunity to put your collection to use, compete for prizes and show off your prowess every week. Series 1 and Series 2 Moments will continue to be eligible to complete requirements on Playbooks for this season.

We’ll be hitting you with more details on exactly what Playbooks will look like in the coming weeks leading up to Kickoff.

All Moments will be eligible for Rookie Year, Rookie Mint and Championship Year badges where applicable.

Commons will not receive ALL DAY Debut badges - they will be released only for players who have already made their ALL DAY Debut.

For players with dynamic Moments who have never been featured in a Moment before, both the Rare and Legendary dynamic Moment will receive Debut badges.

Added Sept. 9, 5:30 PM ET, to address frequently asked community questions.

The new series appears as “2023 Season” instead of “Series 3.” Is this intentional?

With a goal of continuing to build a product that appeals and speaks simply to new NFL fans, we’ve decided to name the new series “2023 Season” - choosing to opt for quick, easy understanding over a numerical structure that requires more knowledge of NFL ALL DAY.

Are sets still the primary way to collect on NFL ALL DAY?

This season, we’re aiming to give fans the chance to choose a wider variety of collecting paths that suit their NFL fandom.

Sets will continue to be a point of emphasis for the upcoming 2023 Season, with returns of some of your favorite sets like Move the Chains and Launch Codes - as well as others. New for 2023, many sets will be released in closed distributions -  meaning, once minted and released, we will not mint new editions at a later point to include in the set.

We’ll also be leaning into an all-new team collecting experience, which will help bring other forms of collecting up to parity with sets - you’ll be able to view your progress through Moments from each team, organize your favorites and much more. More info to come later in the 2023 Season.

Will dynamic Moments have sets? 

2023 dynamic player Moments all exist in the Dynamic set, which spans both the Rare and Legendary tiers - making this the most ambitious set to collect yet.

When team and set collection site upgrades launch later this season, collectors will be able to collect and show off their favorite Moments from their favorite team, players and more, in so many new ways. More to come!

In previous seasons, NFL ALL DAY has held back some supply of new Moments, then distributed them throughout the season going forward. Will this be similar to how dynamic Moments are handled this season?

There is one more early-season Dynamic Pack drop to come that will bring us to 5 players released per team - this will be the final drop in which you’re guaranteed to pull a dynamic Moment from one of the 160 stars and rookies curated for dynamic Moments to begin the season.

The remaining supply for these 160 players’ dynamic Moment editions will be slowly and proportionally trickled out throughout the year, with careful attention to the pace of release for each player. We know the thrill of pulling or earning a top-shelf Moment is exciting for any collector, so they’ll be featured as low-chance pack hits in a variety of drops throughout the year, as well as in Playbook rewards.

There will be one additional Dynamic drop mid-way through the season, featuring new players that were not included in our original list of 160 but have proven themselves worthy of dynamic Moments in the early parts of the year. Dynamic Moments from the original 160 players will also be included in this drop but only as low-chance pack hits.

What happens to a player’s dynamic Moment if they get traded or injured?

Any player who changes teams this season will have the team designation on their dynamic Moment updated to reflect their new team. Any highlights already on the Moment will remain.

Because our evolution system only assigns points for team wins in which the player plays, injured players will not earn evolution points.

In the event a player sustains a season-long injury, we will attempt to source at least one play for an end-of-season update for any player that has not received a play (provided the player has played enough meaningful snaps to produce usable highlight footage).

When will evolutions occur for dynamic Moments? Will it be the same time/day every week?

The evolution of a dynamic Moment is an exciting event. Evolution points will be added to dynamic Moments shortly after games end. Our goal is to add plays to eligible dynamic Moments as quickly as possible. While we expect this action to take place some time after a week ends, we cannot commit to a specific day at this time, although we aim for the day/time to be consistent week to week. 

If I wait to open my dynamic Moment pack, will the dynamic Moment inside accrue any evolution points while unopened?

Yes, dynamic Moments held unopened in a pack will evolve just the same as ones that have already been pulled from packs.

If you pull a dynamic Moment midway through the season, it will come out of the pack featuring all of the same highlights as the other dynamic Moments in the same rarity tier for that player.

There are not any 2023 Common Moments in the dynamic packs being sold to start the season. Where will we find 2023 Common Moments?

2023 Common Moments will be found in a variety of pack drops throughout the season, but as noted in our recent blog announcing the new approach, we expect a significant portion of their supply to come via team packs and other accessible offerings aimed at newer collectors and those who just want to rip packs.

Between this distribution strategy and the ability to trade in for rarer colorways, we expect the community will play a major role in determining the final supply of these Moments.

Can a Common Moment in the 2023 season receive a debut badge?

No, any player who receives a Common Moment in the 2023 season will already have another Moment in existence.