UPDATE (2/18/22, 5:00 PM ET):

Thank you to everyone who's taken part in the initial launch of the NFL ALL DAY marketplace with listing/delisting.

We’ve seen a lot of positive response to this, and also have some additional work we need to do before we can make purchasing live on Tuesday.

As such, we'll be removing the ability to list (you can still delist your Moments over the long weekend) until we can fully launch next week.

Please be sure to share any feedback you have about the initial experiences with us in the appropriate feedback channels. As always, thank you for your participation.

Below you can review initial guidance regarding use of the marketplace.

Beginning today, we will be incrementally rolling out marketplace functionality for NFL ALL DAY.

To start, only listing and delisting will be available until we enable purchasing on Tuesday, Feb 22.

This will give fans a chance to test the listing/delisting process without the risk of a Moment selling before you're ready - just be sure that whatever you have listed on Tuesday is all set as sales/purchases will be possible.

To help make informed decisions before listing your Moments, make sure to check out our recent blog posts discussing rarity tiers, set sizes, Badges and more.

Please be advised that for many Moments currently available, especially those released during Pack Drops early in the closed beta period, a significant supply has been held back to be distributed to users in the future.

Current supply on the marketplace may therefore be significantly lower than future supply until the remaining closed beta packs get distributed.

In this post, we’ll explain how to connect your account and list Moments for sale. If you want to dive in and try it for yourself, head to marketplace.nflallday.com.


In order to list Moments on the marketplace, you’ll need to get signed in with your NFL ALL DAY account.

Hit “Sign in” in the top right corner of the site and login with your Dapper Wallet account. NOTE: You must use the same Dapper Wallet account that you use for NFL ALL DAY in order for your Moments to appear or for marketplace transactions to be reflected in your NFL ALL DAY experience.

Once logged in, you should be able to view your Moments in the “My Collection” tab.


Starting today, you can list one or more of your Moments for sale on the marketplace.

Click on the “MY COLLECTION” tab at the top of the site to access your Moments.

Click “Sell” on whichever Moment you would like to list and enter your desired sale price into the pop-up display.

You will be asked to confirm using your Dapper Wallet, as each listing or de-listing of a Moment is registered as a “transaction” on the FLOW blockchain.

Once the Moment is successfully listed, you will see a screen that says “Transaction Complete.”

Now other fans can see your Moment on the marketplace.

To de-list a Moment from the marketplace, visit your collection and select “Remove Listing.” Just as with listing a Moment for sale, you will be asked to confirm using your Dapper Wallet, registering a “transaction” on the FLOW blockchain.


Need assistance with the Marketplace?

Visit the NFL ALL DAY Help Center for quick answers to frequently asked questions or the #help-desk channel in the NFL ALL DAY Discord to submit any questions.