As we approach the final whistle on 2023, we’re playing host to an epic end of the year on NFL ALL DAY.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just joining the party, you’re in for a blast:

  • GIFT A PACK, GET A PACK: Share NFL ALL DAY with your friends and family and you'll each get rewarded on Dec. 25!
  • COMPETE FOR BIG FAN REWARDS: Fresh Playbook Leaderboards - launching later today - are your shot to earn huge fan rewards
  • SCORE PRIZES WITH DAILY CHALLENGES: Make plays daily from Dec. 22 through Jan. 1 to score rewards like fresh packs, Dapper Balance and a signed Mahomes football
  • RIP RARE PACKS: Get your hands on epic new packs in the next couple weeks, featuring the return of two beloved sets
  • CRAFT NEW COLLECTIBLES: Use your collection to earn fresh Moments from each team playing this Saturday and Monday


Want to wake up to a Reward pack on December 25?

‘Tis the season of giving - and we’re making it fun to share the joy of NFL ALL DAY with your friends and family.

From now through Dec. 24, create a gift pack - anywhere from 1 to 5 Moments - using your collection and gift them to new NFL fans not on NFL ALL DAY yet.

If they claim the pack before end of day Dec. 24, you’ll get a Reward pack delivered to you on Dec. 25 - with a chance at a Legendary Moment!

Read more here.

We're turning the competition up on NFL ALL DAY starting later today - with a fresh batch of Playbook Leaderboards running through the end of the regular season.

Compete in Playbooks week over week and climb the ranks to earn epic rewards like fan experiences, NFL Shop gift cards, Dapper Balance, thrilling packs and an exclusive Rare collectible.

Stay tuned for more details today!


Head into 2024 the right way - with new goodies in your hands.

Starting Friday through Jan. 1, work your way towards prizes like Series 1 packs, Dapper Balance, fresh 2023 packs - some with Common Moments and some with chances at dynamic Moment pulls - and a signed Patrick Mahomes football with a new Challenge every day!

Use your collection and your football IQ to advance and compete for the biggest prizes.


With far more orders than packs available for our recent Dynamic packs, it’s been tough to score a pack recently on NFL ALL DAY.

You’ll have a chance to keep trying for epic pulls in the coming weeks.

To round out the year, you’ll have a shot at two different packs with Rare Moments guaranteed - featuring the return of two of the most popular Rare sets of Series 1 and 2:

  • Launch Codes, full of the deep passes you love, returns this week in a drop starting Dec. 21 (read more here)
  • To help celebrate the New Year, the beloved celebration-based set Showtime, is back after a one-year hiatus, featured in a 2023 Sendoff drop starting Dec. 29 that also represents the last packs we’ll release with regular-season dynamic Moments

Each set will be rolled out in a style you may recognize from other Dapper collectible products. Three Moments from the set will be featured as Challenge rewards that you’ll earn through collecting and locking other Moments from the set.

What’s locking? Locking is a new mechanism drawn from other Dapper collectible products - when you lock a Moment, you cannot list it for sale or transfer it from your account. After a year has passed, you'll have full access to do whatever you want with the Moment again.

Locking will help you get access to rewards. It will make its first appearance on NFL ALL DAY in one Challenge in the Week 16 Playbooks to help ensure we're ready for it to play a role in the releases of these new sets over the holidays.

Locking right now will only engage with a small portion of NFL ALL DAY collectibles - the stress test in this week's Playbooks and the new sets coming out, with certain Moments in the set available only by locking other Moments. If locking grows to target more collectibles, more details would come out defining how locking is being used.


10 teams. 10 players. 10 new collectibles.

With two games Saturday and three games Monday this week, we’re celebrating with a series of Crafting Challenges where you can use your collection to earn fresh Moments from one player per team.

  • Sat., Dec. 23, 4:30 PM ET: Crafting Challenges will go live for one player from each of the four teams playing that day (Bengals, Steelers, Bills, Chargers)
  • Mon., Dec. 25, 12 PM ET: Crafting Challenges will go live for one player from each of the six teams playing (Chiefs, Raiders, Giants, Eagles, Ravens, 49ers)

Each Challenge features a crafting recipe that lays out which ingredients you'll need to earn the new Moments.