Sometimes there’s a new Moment you just have to have. Maybe it’s an unforgettable highlight or a milestone from your favorite player.

This "Crafting" Challenge is your chance to score CeeDee Lamb's incredible one-handed catch.

Today, as we bring one of the best plays of the season onto NFL ALL DAY, we're excited to debut a fresh way of introducing new Moments:

A new form of Challenge on NFL ALL DAY, called “Crafting” Challenges, where you’ll be able to use Moments from your collection to secure hot newly released Moments right when they hit NFL ALL DAY.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit and burn a certain set of Moments that match pre-announced requirements 
  2. Receive the newly released Moment for your collection

In essence, you’re creating – or “crafting” – the new Moment from the sum of the older Moments you burn.

For our first Crafting Challenge, launching today, Oct. 7, that hot new Moment will be one of the best highlights of the 2022 season so far: CeeDee Lamb’s unforgettable one-handed catch on Monday Night Football in Week 3.

Head to the Challenge page now to see what you’ll have to burn to score CeeDee’s new Moment!

The Moment will be minted to the number of completions of the Challenge - and categorized into a certain Rarity tier based on the resulting mint count. (See more on rarity and sets)

  • 0-10: Ultimate
  • 11-100: Legendary
  • 101-2499: Rare
  • 2500-10000: Common

It will be part of the new “Draw It Up” set, a multi-tier set meant to encapsulate various reward Moments distributed through Crafting Challenges and other activations which may produce variable mint counts.

NOTE: This Challenge will operate separately from Playbook for the week – burning Moments in this Challenge will not count toward unlocking Premium rewards for the Week 5 Playbook. You’ll need to use the Challenge builder on the Challenge page to submit your Moments for this Challenge for burning.

What does it mean to burn Moments?

Burning a Moment permanently removes it from circulation – it’s a blockchain transaction that cannot be reversed. Once a Moment is burned, no one can ever buy, sell or own it again.

Why burn my Moments?

In this Challenge, choosing to burn the required Moments will earn you a new CeeDee Lamb Moment featuring his incredible one-handed catch from Week 3.