Few sports match football in terms of the importance of scheme and strategy.

Every highlight on your screen on Sundays (or Mondays and Thursdays) is a product of hours spent game-planning.

NFL ALL DAY isn’t too different.

Behind each week’s rollout of thrilling Moments is a lot of consideration around mint counts, rarity and collectibility.

In the following posts, we hope to give you a glimpse inside the NFL ALL DAY playbook to help you better understand the product, and what makes each and every Moment so special.

RARITY TIERS: A breakdown of the different tiers of scarcity on NFL ALL DAY.

BADGES: An explanation of the visual symbols now on your NFL ALL DAY Moments.

SET SIZES: The key stats on each set released so far.

SERIES 1 RELEASE HISTORY: Here's what's been minted and what's been released so far.